Wine & Art | Local Hawaiian Artist Danielle Groff

Season 1

Wine & Art with Local Hawaiian Artist Danielle Groff

“Starry Night” by Van Gogh, Butterfly Pea Infused KoHana Kea float on top, Dolin Blanc, lilikoi, sour, egg white, edible gold stars

Kunia Stargazing

1 oz Butterfly Pea Infused KoHana

1 oz Dolin Blanc

.5 oz Funkin Passion Fruit Puree

.5 oz Lemon Juice

.5 oz Simple Syrup

.5 oz Pasteurized Egg Whites

Method: Add lemon, simple, purée, Dolin and egg whites to shaker tin with ice.  Shake and strain.  Dry shake again to further emulsify.  Stir infused kohana with ice.  Strain into coupe.  Strain other mixture over the KoHana. 

Garnish: 3 drops angostura bitters, swirled and edible gold stars sprinkled on top


Items Needed

  • coupe glass
  • Carafes

Mixing glass

 Shaker tins

Infused KoHana

Dolin Blanc

Butterfly pea flowers

Funkin Passion Fruit

1 small mason jar (to show infusion)

Egg whites

Simple syrup

Plate for flowers, gold stars, lemons

Edible gold stars

1 lemon

Angostura Bitters in dropper

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