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 Julia Sorenson is the Creative Director of Honolulu Design Center and wine enthusiast. Pour a glass and enjoy the laughter and knowledge in this Wine & Episode



Wine & Design | "Opposition"
by Chandra Lam Lucariello 

3oz Tanqueray No. 10 Gin,  Rinse of Lagavulin 16 yr.

Method: Rinse martini glass and set aside.  Stir gin with ice, strain into martini

Garnish:  Torch rosemary sprig with blue cheese olives skewered on it

Items Needed

  • Tanqueray No. 10

  • Lagavulin

  • Blue Cheese Stuffed Castelvetrano Olives

  • Rosemary Sprigs 

  • Torch Lighter

  • Martini glass

  • Ice for stirring

  • Plate for rosemary and blue cheese

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