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Season 2

Gisella Schultz is the Owner, Franchisee, and Master Trainer at Arthur Murray Dance Centers Hawai'i. She says she’s never met someone she and her staff couldn’t teach how to dance - whether it's crafting a first dance for a wedding; creating choreography for competitive dancers; or just starting a fun hobby, her studio has got you covered! Originally from the country of Panama, she grew up dancing latin dances like Salsa, Merengue, and Bachata with her family as a child. As she grew older she developed a strong sense of discipline, work ethic, and ambition. While attending the University of Washington she met her now husband Rodney, and it is also during this time when she discovered Ballroom Dancing and initially joined the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Bellevue, Washington as a student. She quickly decided it was something she loved to do. After almost a year of enjoying being a student, she became a dance instructor and professional competitor, and found that she was equally passionate about teaching others how to get more enjoyment out of life through learning to dance. As a professional competitor, she was a Salsa Champion, Rhythm Champion, and Smooth Finalist. When the opportunity came up for her to have her own studio, in Hawai’i of all places which reminds her a lot of Panama, Gisella jumped at the chance in 2010!

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