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Wine & Desserts with Michele Sorenson

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    1. Cocktail: Cacao nib infused Angels Envy whiskey, Campari, Saveiro Madeira, Dark Chocolate Salt

Flying with Angels

11/2 oz Cacao-Nib Infused Angels Envy Whiskey

 ¾ oz Campari

1 oz Saveiro Madeira

 Method: Add all ingredients to mixing glass with ice.  Stir and strain over large ice cube into pre-rimmed double old fashioned glass

Garnish: Dark Chocolate Salt, Luxardo cherry on metal bar pick

 Items Needed

 Infused Whiskey


Saveiro Madeira

Dark Chocolate Salt

Double Old Fashioned glass

Plate for salt and cherries

Luxardo Cherries

Metal Bar Pick

Large ice cube

Ice for stirring

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