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Season 1



  1. Wine &… Drag
    1. Cocktail: Pride Cup: Kula Toasted Coconut, Lilikoi, Midori, Butterfly Pea Infused Gin, Pomegranate Juice

Pride Cup

1oz Butterfly Pea Infused FY Gin

1oz Kula Toasted Coconut Rum

.5 oz Midori

.5 oz Funkin Passion Fruit Puree

1oz Lemon Sour

1.5oz Pineapple Juice

¾ oz POM Wonderful Juice

Method: Add POM Juice to bottom of snifter. Add ice to fill.  Add pineapple, sour, passion fruit and rum to shaker tin with ice.  Shake and  strain over POM Juice.  Float Midori and float Butterfly Pea gin

Garnish: Raspberry, blueberry, orange quarter mint leaf on bar pick


Items Needed

Butterfly Pea Gin

Kula Toasted Coconut Rum


Funkin Passion Fruit Puree

Lemon Sour

Pineapple Juice

POM Juice

3-carafes (POM, Yellow Mix, Butterfly Pea Gin)

Raspberry, Blueberry, Orange quarter, Mint

Metal Bar pick

Plate for garnish



Crushed Ice

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